Who we are

Sports tourism operator, The Stages of the Sun are a component of the League of Holiday sector of Education, nonprofit association of public utility, registered in French registry operators and vacation stays.
The Stages of the Sun are supervised by teams UFOLEP first multisport federation in France. She works for the development of a sport-oriented fun, discovery and well-being, respectful of man and his environment.

Internship with The Sun to get a rigorous and professional organization, ensuring quality accommodation and comfort, guidance and support, friendliness and spirit bike.

The Stages of the Sun are open to one and all. Our rates are particularly studied and unsurprisingly, they ensure you always the best price / quality ratio. To take advantage of all our services, an annual membership to our association (7 euros) is mandatory.

Stages of the Sun League of Education

  • Registration in the register of operators: IM 075 100379
  • Approval Youth and Sport
  • Professional Liability: APAC / MAIF
  • Financial guarantee insurance: UNAT Paris.